4 Easy Ways to Track ROI

Tracking ROI (return on investment) can be an easy process if you know how to do it.  Depending on how you want to approach your customers as well as how you plan to advertise your services you may have different ways to track your ROI. Some techniques can often be utilized between different advertising mediums, however, the ways detailed below specifically relate to print advertising.


1. Unique phone number

A unique phone number allows you, the advertiser, to track results from leads to the closing deal. Say you are selling cell phones and you want to track each individual ad to determine the success, how best would you determine this? Using a unique phone number will ensure you know exactly where the sales call came from thus aiding you in tracking your ROI. It also means you only have to track one number, hoorah!


2. Sub-domains

If you’re not a fan of phone numbers, or you are looking for a way to marry your digital and print advertising, using a subdomain can be a great substitute. This allows you to direct traffic to your website as well as track who is visiting. This also gives you an opportunity to catch customers’ attention by providing a discount. For example, say you are selling a brand that promotes collectible figurines, “Mickey’s Figurines” and you advertise these in a few magazines. Your ad will still contain your main URL, www.mickeysfigurines.com, but you may offer a discount by visiting mickeysfigurines.minnymouse.com – a sub domain featured only in your printed ad.  When customers visit this sub-domain you will know that these customers were directed by your print ad.


3. Landing Pages and CRMs

In addition to the above mentioned subdomains, you will also benefit from enhancing your print ad through digital marketing using landing pages. If you take this route, you will want to use something like Google analytics to track the incoming traffic to your website and determine who you are reaching. Furthermore, you can add in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. CRM’s help you determine where your customers are coming from and how they found you so you can improve your ROI.


4. Ask and receive

Last but not least, asking questions is a simple, effective way to discover where your customer base is coming and what they want. This may come in the guise of an online survey, a mailed form, a questionnaire, asking over the phone etc. This technique can often lend a helping hand in determining what campaigns are working for your company and if your ad appeals to your targeted audience. Customers appreciate when their knowledge is valued, even if it’s as simple as answering where they came across your ad.