Mar/Com Services Case Study


Mar/Com Services, Inc. is a small integrated brand communications company based in San Francisco.  They work with a wide range of national and regional clients and provide a full-spectrum of integrated brand positioning and marketing communications services. Their services include media analysis, strategy, planning and incorporating various forms of media into that plan.

Whether on a consulting, project or full-service basis, the principals of the company take a hands-on approach and work closely with each client.  Mar/Com’s analyst and strategist creates a plan for each individual client based on product, target demographics, goals and budget.  The budget is divided and allocated to each selected form of media and details, such as placement and scheduling, are laid out.  It is imperative to the campaigns’ success to stay within the budget allocated for the various mediums.

The Problem

Mar/Com had taken on a new client and it was determined print media would aid in making this client’s campaign a success.  Mar/Com was not engaged in consistent print media placements or buying and did not have a strategic buying partner.  The client had a fairly small budget and Mar/Com needed a print buying agency that could stretch the budget and ensure all desired magazine buys would be possible, despite the limited amount of allocated funds.  In addition, the amount of time that passed while searching for a buying partner created a time crunch and need for quick placements and buys.

The Solution

After a consultation with Integral Media, Mar/Com decided to utilize Integral Media’s services.  Integral Media has long term relationships with nearly 2,400 magazines helping secure last minute placements and lower advertising costs keeping the client on track with the budget.  Mar/Com presented the desired magazine placements to Integral Media and the team immediately began securing space and negotiating rates.


Integral Media was able to secure all of the last minute placements in addition to negotiating deeply discounted rates. The rates far surpassed Mar/Com’s expectations and not only were the pre-determined ads placed, additional ad placements were added to the plan with a surplus of funds. Mar/Com was able to reach millions of additional people thanks to Integral Media’s buying power. The campaign has been extremely successful and has been running and growing for four years.


“Integral Media has really helped our agency be successful. They are great to work with, and our clients have seen their businesses grow because of them. Integral Media is my secret weapon!”

-Kristen A., President of Mar/Com Services