New York Mint Case Study


For over 30 years, New York Mint (now has been one of the largest retail rare and collectible coin marketers in the country.  Besides a wide selection of rare and hard-to-find U.S. coins, offers many other collectible products including paper money, coin jewelry, foreign and ancient coins, and specialized numismatic services.

Prior to becoming, New York Mint had been selling a large variety of collectible products on television—ShopNBC, QVC, HSN, CVN, USA Direct, WSS and Value Vision International.

The Problem

After a long run of marketing their products on television, revenue was slowly declining.  As a result, New York Mint hired a new marketing team to expand their marketing efforts and create new business.  One of the new sales initiatives was to introduce a print media campaign.  New York Mint’s marketing team began looking for a strategic partner to assist with the print media buys and placements.

The Solution

Through a referral network, New York Mint came to Integral Media to handle their print media buys.  An initial test of $30,000 was executed in several select titles.  The titles were determined by the products’ target demographics and Integral Media’s known responsiveness within the thousands of titles with which they consistently book.  Each ad was created to be unique for tracking purposes and data carefully monitored for optimal results.


New York Mint found print advertising to be extremely successful for several reasons: the sales curve for each advertisement lasted much longer than other forms of media.  New York Mint was collecting sales from ads that had run months prior as many of the new customers became repeat customers.  New York Mint’s cost per acquisition was significantly lower via the print media campaign when compared to previous marketing programs.  This allowed New York Mint to increase their print budget nearly 2000%.  New York Mint was able to recoup their print media costs within 6 months and bottom line revenue increased with returning buyers and on-going profits.


“Integral Media helped eliminate our growing pains, and for all practical purposes became our print media marketing manager. They’ve been a really good partner.”

Steve S., New York Mint