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Integral Media Services: Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response Advertising: A Consultative Approach

Integral Media works closely with direct response marketers to develop media strategies that maximize marketing ROI. Utilizing our many years of experience specializing in direct response media, the team at Integral Media identifies and analyzes client objectives, evaluates their target markets and current marketing strategies, and integrates these with expanded media solutions.


Direct Response Advertising Case Studies:

Direct Response Case Study #1

For over 14 years and counting, the staff at Integral Media has worked with a marketing company that specializes in sourcing unique consumer electronics products. During the first 5 years of this relationship, this client ran only print advertisements, with no catalog, direct mail, or any other media channels. This client was able to exponentially expand revenues, at a profit, and continues to reinvest in its growth to this day.

Direct Response Case Study #2

A manufacturer of consumer electronics, that has successful marketing programs in broadcast and online media, utilizes the knowledge base of Integral Media to strategically place their products into print media. Also, they work with Integral Media to test new products into print media, when the production and media costs of broadcast media are cost prohibitive when compared with the relative efficiency of Integral Media ad buys.

Direct Response Case Study #3

An inventor/patent holder/manufacturer of consumer products has built his own direct response business from the ground up with Integral Media. Realizing that the path to a more stable flow of orders for their products lay in doing their own marketing, Integral Media showed this client how to build a media direct response marketing company. Revenues exceeded $1 million during the first year of operation.

Direct Response Print Ads

Direct response print ads in magazines must are more effective when they invite the reader to accept an offer or incorporate a request that asks the reader to do something. Commonly, such ads require the consumer to send in a coupon or response card, or call a toll-free number. Given that over 2,000 consumer magazines are in print, magazine ads allow direct response advertising to reach audiences with target interests. In addition to advertising heavily in magazines that supply industry specific content, direct marketers utilize mass consumer magazines and take advantage of regional advertising space to target identified consumer interests.

Cost Effectiveness of Direct Response Ads

To differentiate, general advertisers often measure the marketing effectiveness of their magazine ads in terms of reach and frequency, while direct marketers measure the effectiveness of their magazine advertisements in terms of cost effectiveness, by either cost-per-inquiry or cost-per-order. Magazine ads offer the advantages of the latest color reproduction technologies, an longer ad life, and at lower cost. Creative costs for magazine ads are also usually lower than for direct mail. Magazines’ lengthier lead times usually pay off in the long run through established credibility with readers; loyal subscribers seeking in-depth specific interest content, and reader perception of the magazines endorsement of its advertisers.

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