Our Ideal Customer

Some media buyers try to be everything to everyone.  We’re not one of those companies.  At Integral Media, we have two types of ideal customers—CMOs (or those performing the duties of a CMO for their companies) and media planners.  If you recognize yourself in the descriptions below, then our services will most likely be a good fit for you.

Chief Marketing Officers

Integral Media’s ideal chief marketing officer client may or may not have the official title of CMO, but he or she is responsible for handling the marketing at a company that sells products through direct-response advertising (such as collectibles, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, etc) or retail branding projects.  The company has been in business for some time and has been growing, but is having difficulty “getting over the hump” and taking things to the next level.

This company has probably never invested in print media advertising and is not very familiar with it.  They need someone to guide them through the process and explain why things are done a certain way.  They need help determining a strategy and budget, and need a partner who will give them the personal attention they need.  They need to work with a media buying company who will become their print media marketing manager and do some of the work that might ordinarily be done internally at a larger company (or by that company’s media planning agency).

Media Planners and Media Planning Agencies

Our typical media planner client deals with multiple channels of media, such as print, radio, television, etc.  They don’t have the time to become experts in all of them, nor do they have the desire to.  They have a less frequent need for print media and magazine advertising, so their connections within that niche are not as good.

While in some cases the agency or media planner is designing and writing the ads themselves, in many other cases they are outsourcing this to creative design agencies.  What they specialize in is deciding how the available funds should be allocated, and determining the long-term advertising strategy for their clients.

In some cases, the agency has recently started working with a new client that requires more print media advertising than those they have worked with before, and especially magazine advertising.  They need help stretching their available budget to get the best results, and they also need to get started fast.  They are looking for a print media buyer who will help them hit the ground running and make sure they are getting the best possible bang for their buck.