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Integrated media buying is a necessity. As the term “traditional” evolves with additions to media distribution possibilities, media channels like TV, radio, and magazines are increasingly distributed in multiple formats, marketers are recognizing that integration is a reality in today’s market. A media consultant’s genius is in putting the right pieces together seamlessly and pulling off the right fit to achieve the client’s business goals. It’s that kind of leadership that clients are looking for when executing an integrated media buying strategy.


Integrated Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive

A common advertiser misconception is that integrated buys simply cost more.
An integrated strategy requires identified goals to be simple. In the case of integrated marketing, a media consultant’s goal is to achieve optimal ROI on the client’s marketing budget regardless of the media channel. Proper analytics and tracking grant a business two important benefits: first, the business gains a line of site that sees the success of an individual channel in its own right, and second, the business has a tool to measure how each channel impacts and contributes to the integrated media buying strategy. Once an optimal, integrated media strategy is established, early successes are easily adapted to additional media channels.

Valuing Versatility As A Media Buyer

An integrated media buying strategy must be versatile as market opportunities dictates.
Media buyers with in-depth industry experience gain greater versatility and capabilities across multiple media channels. The challenge in media today is to understand and adapt to the consumer. Integration demands that marketing resources and budgets adapt to what consumers are wanting and how today’s smart shoppers are buying. Media buyers that provide planning and buying services across integrated media, enable the free flow of resources to follow how consumers consume media. Versatility is key to staying on top of media market conditions.

Expanding Reach and Giving More Exposure

It takes insights into what consumers are thinking and needing to see what other buyers may not.
The media buyers you want on your team need to not only execute media buys, but they must provide consumer research, segmentation, and analytical skills to effectively measure the impact of each media purchase against overall business goals. Additionally, integrated media buying should not only attract new consumer interests, but also deliver insights on what will improve conversion to sale. Coming from the approach of what consumers are looking for, media buying can expanding a company’s reach and gain more exposure through advertisements that work. Integrated media buying will consistently deliver valuable insights.

Keeping a pace ahead of today’s smart consumers who increasingly spend their time at multiple media sources, and shopping any time of day, it makes a fresh challenge to reach consumers as frequently with the same marketing solutions used over the past decade. Therefore, it’s vital to integrate and expand the places and ways businesses distribute marketing messages. Businesses have been placing their marketing messages in multiple, media platforms for a long long time. However, today there are more choices. Integrating those choices opens up great value to the consumer and more opportunities to reach them.

Optimal Media Buying Mix Requires A Focused Consistency

The essence of an integrated marketing strategy is having consistency across all channels and continuous advancement in achieving strategic goals.

Integrated Media Buyers Bring Integrated Media Buying Mix

Consistency begins with determining the optimal integrated media buying mix, while maintaining focus on the primary marketing objectives. For example, the dominant aim of a business marketing strategy may be a combination of: building brand credibility, educating a wider pool of potential customers, and generating quality prospect leads within a narrow market. An intense examination of each objective and channel will determine the proportion of media buy allotments that should go to each placement. Traditional media (particularly print advertisements in consumer publications) is highly effective in building brand familiarity, top-of-mind customer awareness, and strong brand recognition. Consistency in selection of media channels and execution of your media strategy is vital.

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