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Magazine Advertising: Integral Media has special magazines with advertising discounts available only from Integral Media.

Integral Media has 26+ magazine advertising market categories. One or more of our categories will surely fit your magazine advertising targeting requirements.

We spotlight creative excellence and effectiveness in all forms of advertising across multi-media magazine platforms.


Magazine Reach For Expanded Readership

Are you struggling to keep your existing advertisers, while trying to recruit new advertisers? Do you need expanded magazine readership, reach and engagement? Integral Media can help your business update your magazine format or content focus, to build reader interest. Our marketing advertising skills and industry connections will help your circulation figures increase. We do advertising to a niche markets, or targeted mircomarkets best, placing expensive advertising at inexpensive prices for highest ROI. We look forward to celebrating with you as you meet your advertising goals.

Best Magazine Advertisements Performance

Integral Media has creative imagination to express your message in the best magazine advertising mediums to intrigue potential customers and convince them to use what they see in your ad. Our integrated media buyers have experience that can take your carefully crafted message and give it positioning to intrigue potential customers and convince them to use what they see in that ad. You ad dollars can gain the best magazine advertisements performance possible per dollar. We bring both creative excellence and effectiveness in meeting campaign objectives.

 Increase Advertising Performance

With our magazine advertising strategy and pricing, we can help you increase your impressions and performance five-fold over traditional magazine advertising with your existing budget. Many advertisers have limited budgets and may not understand the most effective method of advertising. With performance focused advertising plans, our marketing consultants can help you avoid the risk of paying large amounts for advertisements that are ineffective. We ensure maximizing revenue earned from each advertising slot. Integral Media specializes in off-line magazine advertising as well, knowing just the right advertising plan that will give your niche the best magazine advertising performance. It is important to use an integrated media buying approach to to build your magazine advertising media campaign.

Extensive Publication Database

Integral Media has been an active agency with hundreds of publications for over twenty years. Integral Media’s extensive publication database contains over 26 advertising market categories with anywhere from five to 153 publications. Integral Media uses these categories and our extensive experience with publications to find targeted issues that will fit any product or service’s audience.

Magazine Advertising Advantage

To get the magazine advertising advantage please fill out our information form, email or call us at 952-470-9991 for more on Integral Media’s consultative media expansion approach.(complete contact information). We are eager to help you gain expensive magazine advertisements at inexpensive prices. We will help ensure your magazine advertising budgets are used efficiently and effectively to reach the target audience.

As integrated media buyers who know the effectiveness of magazine advertisements, our marketing consultants are poised to carry your business forward. Our expertise is providing a unique piece to our comprehensive range of services that offer the most targeted integrated solutions for our clients.