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Integral Media: Marketing Consultant

Marketing consultants Many marketing consultants help companies market their products and services without needing to extend their in-house marketing staff. Often a marketing consultant provides the same or better service than an in-house marketing department, but at a lower cost.

Marketing Consultant Increases Your Visibility

Integral Media's leadership position in local and national marketing and extensive range of technology and sales capabilities, places us in a unique and powerful position to capitalize on the ongoing disruption in marketing and direct response advertising. Having our team plan and resources strongly in place, we’re looking forward to facilitating our clients' continued rapid progress in measurable ROI. As your marketing consultant, we can begin to help your businesses raise visibility, convert more customers, and strengthen your competitive edge with custom marketing services. Let's get started; contact Integral Media today at 952-470-5254.

Increase Your Marketing Revenue

Whether your goal is to obtain highly qualified sales leads or to sell directly to the public, it's impossible to make money in direct response if you pay too much for print media advertising! That's where Integral Print Media Buying comes in. For over fifteen years, we at Integral Media Integrated Buying have been obtaining well-targeted and highly responsive print media placements for clients in print periodicals at the lowest possible cost – up to 80% off rate card. With over 2o years experience assisting small, medium, and major business advertisers, Integral Media is able to expand service offerings and increase your marketing revenue..

How It Works: 10 Steps to Success

Marketing step oneWe qualify what type of advertising you are interested in, (brand, DR, etc.)

Marketing step twoWe determine your goals, objectives, and expectations of your marketing program.

Marketing step threeWe determine the timeframe and budget of your marketing strategy.

Marketing step threeYou send us a your creative concepts for our overall evaluation.

Marketing step fourWe present a media recommendation list to you.

Marketing step fiveeYou give us feedback on which media channels you want to test, and launch timeframes.

Marketing step sixWe submit your creative materials to the media channels of interest for creative and rate approvals.

Marketing step sevenOnce your creative is approved by the media channels, we send you the net media rates for your marketing plan.

Marketing step eightYou approve specific media placements.

Marketing step nineTesting strategy and placements commence.

Marketing step tenAfter the ads run, we help you analyze the results of your test promotions.

Marketing That Drives Business Results Forward

Every day Integral Media is promoting and monitoring a new product or media channel and working it into advancing media mixes to drive client results. We are constantly testing “best in class” technologies to drive performance. From cutting edge marketing mediums to the most cost effective way to buy magazine advertising, we can bring businesses turn-key integrated media solutions that will save you time and money.

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