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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Magazine Of The Year Astounds Magazine Media And Takes Awardhow seniors consume media

New York Magazine's Hurricane Sandy cover from Nov. 12, 2012, took the coveted award for Magazine Cover of the Year by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Winning in the category of "News And Politics,

Marketing consultants are taking note of the award's strong statement that current news matter to readers, the magazine's cover photo is truly riveting and reminds us all the nature is a force that often takes us by surprise and overrides the best of plans and weather indicators.

The Magazine Cover Becomes A Part Of The Museum

Many a photographer took photos that capture Hurricane Sandy, however, this one became an icon of the storm few Easterners will forget. The image was captures on Wednesday evening after Hurricane Sandy hit; Iwan Baan's photograph of Manhattan, borrowed the strangeness of the moment with the half daylight and half dark that eerily unveiled the scene and its wreckage. As Adage said in their See The Astonishing Magazine Cover of the Year said of the photo and the tale it tales, lays a bird's eye view of  "a powerful city rendered powerless. A true viral phenomenon, it is a magazine cover that many New Yorkers have saved for posterity. In fact, a poster version was offered for sale by the Museum of Modern Art". Given readers love for holding a glossy print magazine in their hands and finding the quite of reading on their on time, these magazine covers indeed deserve the place they take as iconic sums of our history and the emotions that followed the events.

On May 1st at the ASME Annual Meeting Honoring The ASME Best Cover Contest Finalists and The Cover of the Year Winner, the Magazine covers that took awards in all 10 categories were announced and celebrated. The Magazine Cover of the Year Award is the top award every year, this year going to the photo aptly named “The City and the Storm”.

Additional Category Winners

As listed by the American Society of Magazine Editors, magazine cover winners in additional categories are:

Entertainment and Celebrity - The New York Times Magazine, December 23, 2012 “Jerry Seinfeld Is 58, Rich Beyond Imagination and Still Working”

Most Delicious - Garden & Gun, October/November 2012 “Perfect Southern Food”

Sports and Adventure - The New York Times Magazine, August 26, 2012 “Deuce” Brainiest - Bloomberg Businessweek, May 28 – June 3, 2012 “Bang Head Here”

Service - The Rotarian, March 2012 “The Future of Water”

Fashion and Beauty - Harper’s Bazaar, March 2012 “Gwyneth Revealed”

Business and Technology - Bloomberg Businessweek, February 6-12, 2012 “Let’s Get It On”

Best Of Obama - Bloomberg Businessweek, November 12-18, 2012 “The Next Four Years”

Lifestyle - New York, August 6-13, 2012 “Sex”

Magazine Cover Finalists

The Magazine Cover Award is open to applicants from all consumer magazines published in calendar year 2012. Magazine covers that took merited status of "Finalist" are all accomplishment in themselves. A few include TIME’s Breastfeeding Mom and Harper’s Bazaar’s “Gwyneth Revealed”, Vanity Fair, January 2012 “Lady Gaga”, Bloomberg Businessweek, October 15-21, 2012: "Election Issue”, and National Geographic, April 2012 “Titanic”.

Current News Magazine Cover Winner In 2001

In 2001, another current capturing both art strong emotion, as Newsweek's September 11, 2001 issue took the award. The first covers to hit the stands took a newspaper-like approach with graphic imagery of the explosion of the south tower at the World Trade Center. Magazine covers convey life changing moments in an instant, and the accompanying contents are treasured by readers for their accuracy and in-depth coverage of moments to big to take in when first hearing of them. In the marketing world, the responsibility of magazines to meet reader's desire for editors that tell current newsworthy moments with a deeply personal yet historically broader perspective. Magazine ads are most effective in this historical magazine recordings of events that change our lives and nation.

A Magazine's Cover is a Powerful Resource For Advertising

"Stating the obvious, magazine publications are powerful resources. November 1988 was the year Anna Wintour changed the face of fashion publications forever. Putting jeans worth $50 with a bejewelled Christian Lacroix top worth $10,000 on the cover caused a riot among writers. Considering that the printers later called Wintour herself to ensure a mistake hadn’t been made, it’s evident that what and perhaps more crucially, who is on the cover of a magazine shapes not only trends but also their career." ~ Impact Magazine March 1, 2013 article Cover Girl: The Power in the Publications

U.S. magazine's avid readers have not forgotten LIFE's World War II cover nor Newsweek's Watergate cover. Whether you are catching news as you gas up your car in the morning, waking up with caffeine at a favorite coffee shop, or had your dog bring you the newspaper from the front porch, or from where the mail carrier may have left a magazine arriving in the mail; magazine covers have a rich history of announcing the news the latest news to us and encapsulating our great nation's mood in a pivotal moment.

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