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While some may regard integrated media buying and media as a commodity, i.e., "eyeballs", we don't commit to bulk media buys first and then shoehorn advertisers into something that isn't a good fit. Instead, at Integral Media we've developed a consultative approach to media placement. Our staff of experienced professionals take the time to fully understand your offer and your customer before we schedule any ads.
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Watch the video below to learn more about our unique approach to magazine media buying:

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Integral Media: Why We Are Best In Class

Full Service Media Buying Support

Integral Media provides a full range of client services to support your media buying campaigns from start to finish:

BUYING RESEARCH: We employ the latest research tools to target demographics, geography, and seasonality for specific offers.

PLANNING: To optimize ROI and minimize advertiser risk, we overlay buyer response curves with our client’s level of media exposure to help determine frequency and duration of a campaign..

CREATIVE DESIGN: We have resources available to help you design the look of your ads and craft the offer to bring you optimum results.

ONLINE MARKETING: Experienced in creating custom websites with shopping carts to sell your product.

TELEMARKETING AND FULFILLMENT SERVICES: We have established relationships with vendors to manage your incoming orders, customer service and shipping needs.

CLIENT CONTACT: Throughout the campaign, we monitor response and work closely with clients to insure their effort is on track.

POST ANALYSIS: Through tracking techniques of each ad, we help you collect and mathematically interpret response data from every media insertion to provide effective analysis of ad creative, offer, and price.

Whatever your business goal; media buying plays a role.

Whether your goal is to obtain highly qualified sales leads or to sell directly to the public, it's impossible to make money if you pay too much for advertising media! That's where Integral Media comes in. For over 22 years, we at Integral Media have been obtaining well-targeted and highly responsive media placements for our clients at the lowest possible cost – up to 80% off rate card!


Are you looking to create increased awareness for your business by leveraging your media buying budget? Are you an agency looking for new media buying opportunities? Successful execution of a well crafted media buying budget guarantees that you will get more new leads and sales.

Hi, I’m Eric Sims, founder and chief media strategist at Integral Media. For over 12 years, our team of media professionals has helped our clients generate more leads and sales for every media dollar spent with well-targeted and highly responsive media placements for our clients at the lowest possible cost – up to 80% off rate card!

New sources for media buys are becoming available every day and existing media channels are offering new and expanded opportunities constantly. Choosing the right advertising medium is a critical component in your advertising/media planning and buying process. More than just being an advertising budget consideration, it shapes your media strategy and creative messages.

media buying transcript

The first step in our media buying process is to identify which media will work best for your message. We look at your specific needs and circumstances, considering if your customers are businesses or consumers and where they come from. In addition, every medium has unique creative strengths and user experience. Once we evaluate your target audience, we reach your customers through magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and any other media that makes the most sense.

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After evaluating your target markets and determining optimal media channels to reach them, we help you to select the right media message to deliver through the best media channels. We’ve found that a media buying goal of generating exposure isn't strong enough. Our media buys are most successful when they generate tangible sales leads with a strong call to action message in each creative. Our years of experience enable us to execute media buying strategies that are effective and that achieve your marketing objectives.

media buying strategy

The next step is to set up and test the media buying strategy with our proven testing methodology. Testing enables us to discover new winning media buys and helps us determine appropriate proportions for each media channel. Integral Media evaluates and tests new creative channels ongoing so that you can evaluate the quality of your customer leads and conversions.

When you are ready to learn more about our integrated media buyers and media buying services, please reach out to us at 952-470-9991. We look forward to meeting you!