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Multiplying The Power Of Marketing

Multiplying The Power Of Marketing - An example by Integral Mediamultiplying the powers of marketing

Companies seeking to take advantage of all ways of reaching and connecting with prospective buyers need to include integrated marketing in the mix. Integral Media incorporates integrated media buying into the larger group of marketing tactics that amplify the impact of all marketing activities. Our services help businesses seeking a greater return for the time and money invested in marketing. Our expertise is a accrued knowledge of how to harness the power of leverage with integrated media buying.

The Multiplying Power Of Brand Positioning And Marketing Execution

Integral Media's marketing insights combine in-depth analysis of brand positioning, marketing strategy, and the best execution of that strategy. Our marketing professionals execute marketing plans for new and existing businesses that can yield amazing results. We identify key opportunities that have proved to advance our clients goals faster than they previously thought possible to obtain a clearer marketing path and more profit!

Having A Marketing Platform That Meets Customer Needs

Borrowing from a recent news announcement, Zillow is one example of a business that has multiplied the power of marketing. Their marketing strategies showed increased shares up about 9%. Zillow's marketing reach was developed by understanding markets at the local level and knowing what consumers need to advertise their businesses. They're an example of a marketing service whose success has come, in part, from an ability to market reliable data.

Marketing Success Is Proven In ROI

Zillow reported its fourth quarter 2012 earnings surpassing analyst estimates and perhaps silencing the critics who say its marketing model is lacking. On the contrary, as a prime advertising service, revenue on the last quarter of 2012 was $34.3 million, a 73 percent increase over the same period in 2011 year. Much of the income earned came from Zillow’s Marketplace, reporting numbers nearly double its Q4 2011 numbers. Its an example of Marketers' work with unique brand messages to find multiple micromarkets and gain advertising solutions that are proven in ROI.

Focusing On Marketing Solutions For Clients

Venture Beat reported Zillow’s shares up 11 percent to $43.50 in after hours trading yesterday. With the tag line, "Real estate marketing solutions tailored to meet your goals". Partnering marketing giants works when the situation is a win-win for everyone. "We're thrilled to welcome HGTV's FrontDoor to the Zillow Real Estate Network. Zillow's comprehensive collection of real estate listings and data is a perfect complement to FrontDoor's useful and entertaining content about homes," said Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. "This partnership also brings enormous benefit to real estate agents and brokerages."

"We are following our proven strategy of building home-related marketplaces. In the case of Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, we first innovated on behalf of consumers by creating a transparent marketplace where the borrowers’ needs come first, then we connected borrowers with lenders, and now we are investing in tools to help lenders be even more successful serving consumers." ~ Zillow's Marketing Director Spencer Rascoff

How Such Power Of Marketing Is Attained

Successfully expanding into new niche markets comes in part from the following:

Integrated media channels that work together to introduce clients to prospective consumers Integrated media channels that work together to introduce clients to prospective consumers

Integrated media channels that work together to introduce clients to prospective consumers Leverage media's influence on new prospects as they research their potential purchase

obtaining the right marketing messages that help close the deal Putting dollars and time into obtaining the right marketing messages that help close the deal when consumers buy a product or service.

ability to leverage and multiply the power of marketingAn ability to leverage and multiply the power of marketing by combining, sifting, and sorting troves of data to develop a highly efficient sales strategy. Marketing consultants know how powerful data is on multiple fronts.

Integrated media channels that work together to introduce clients to prospective consumers Allocating a sufficient marketing budget

focus on providing serves that make the user bette A focus on providing serves that make the user better at what they do over a focus on gaining a dollar.

Using a brand to find mircomarkets to help advertise. Using a brand to find mircomarkets to help advertise.

Allocating A Marketing Budget

In this example, according to Inman News on Sept 26th, 2012, Zillow "spent an additional $3.8 million on sales expense last quarter, and only generated $4.8 million in new revenues". By multiplying the power of marketing for Realtors, Zillow says their client retention is up. Today their allocation to their marketing efforts is reaping a harvest of ROI. While the return on advertising investment may not have been as significant within the same quarter as when the marketing dollars were spent, the recent reports certainly indicate it's paying off.

Marketing To Make Those Around You Better At What They Do

Zillow's Chief Marketing Officer, has the company in advertising with a clear service approach. Rick Roque, Managing Editor, TNR for Real Estate Agents & Brokers wrote an article titled How Zillow Changed an Industry, with CEO, Spencer Rascoff published on April 16th of 2012 in The Niche Report after meeting Rascoff. It was a mix of both professional and personal comments. "Speaking with him it was clear that the growth of Zillow sin’t as much about the money as it is about creating a lasting legacy and mark within an industry. What matters is the kind of person you are, how you lead others, and your ability to make those around you better at what they do."

A Brand That Found Micromarkets To Help Advertise

Seattle based Zillow, Inc. operates the largest home-related marketplaces with a complementary portfolio of brands and products that help Realtors advertise. Their brands are an example of a soup to nuts approach, finding micromarkets that cover a homeowner's journey of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, financing, to remodeling.

Zillow And Google Partner

Zillow and Google both separately announced yesterday that they are now partnering with Google Now as providers of real estate content for web searches. "We’re thrilled to be one of the first third-party services providing content for Google Now, more proactively serving Zillow’s growing Android audience," said Jeremy Wacksman, vice president of consumer marketing and mobile at Zillow. This is the fourth update announcement since the launch of Google's new widget, so users can see their cards on the home or lock screen without even having to open the app. Google's giant lead in marketing is also widely recognized and used because its integrated media services center around the consumer providing free service. Google is foremost in many minds and self acclaimed for its knowledge depth on the power of marketing!

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