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Mainstream Media Channels Offer Magazine Readers High Value Content With Traditional Media Messages

Mainstream Media Channels

Mainstream Media Channelsmainstream media channels

The Bureau of Labor Statistics January Employment Report released mainstream news of current findings and the Economic Policy Institute called it a crisis level job deficit, which generated demands that mainstream media messages shift toward growth.

Demand That Media Messages Shift Toward Growth

Renewed critiques have surfaced that media reports on economic and employment news coverage focus disproportionately on deficit news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics January 2013 Employment Report, not only released key employment data but drew demands that media messages to shift toward growth.

Consumers make daily choices between media coverage that's guided by traditional reporting and data sources or media coverage that's guided more by commentary, such as Rush Limbaugh, who stated that "This administration is shrinking the private sector" in a segment on the new BLS report. Readers prefer making up their own minds and seek unbiased reporting that empowers them to do that best.

Which Media Source Consumers Choose To Consume News

In an article titled Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media The Small Business Chronicle noted that this communicating marketing messages has evolved and "has created additional media outlets in both alternative and mainstream media channels. Businesses must decide how to reach their target customers through various media channels; some target customers are reached easier through mainstream media outlets, while others tend to prefer alternative media". Both mainstream media and alternative media receive funding through advertisements.

The unemployment rate was attributed to a decrease in defense spending and a certain amount of fiscal cliff uncertainty, says Integral Media. "It is a challenge for citizens to decipher what reporting and media content is diligent and to good standard. Publishers are increasingly seeking well-known sources in the effort to ensure a reputation as a reliable unbiased source of news."

Integrated Media Channels Have Different Reaches

Integrated media buyers help businesses determine their best media channels to reach their targeted audiences. "For example, if a business service or product is used most by male business executives, then a mainstream media outlet like The Wall Street Journal may well be a better advertising choice than a liberal, alternative newspaper.

"Our analysis suggests that news is becoming a more important and pervasive part of people’s lives,” Project for Excellence in Journalism Director Tom Rosenstiel said. “But it remains unclear who will benefit economically from this growing appetite for news."

Media Offers A Challenge And Marketing Opportunities

The changing media environment represents both a challenge and an opportunity. Perhaps no one is wishing to enter parley on the topic of reporting slants. Viewers and readers make media consumption choices every day, seeking reliable unbiased media that offers news palatable for making ones own decision. Strategic politicians have responded by altering both the content of and delivery through integrated media buyers that are vehicles for their messages. Today's comprehensive and creative media coverage takes the civic community and grants it voice to expand its audience of concern - well past the impact that demonstrations in the streets and squares could alone accomplish. Press releases, reports, accomplishments and testimonies of those striving for a cause or worthy news messages receive solid coverage when they reach the pages of print magazines.

Media Choices To Empower Reader Decisions

In an article titled "Groundhog Day in the labor market", posted February 1, The Economic Policy Institute gave an additional perspective for the media: "Despite the overall growth in jobs over the last three years, we still have a crisis-level jobs deficit. The U.S. labor market started 2013 with fewer jobs than it had 7 years ago in January 2006, even though the potential workforce has since grown by more than 8 million. The jobs deficit is so large that at January’s growth rate, it would take until 2021 to return to the pre-recession unemployment rate". Today's readers have a staggering amount of media choices and many tend to read from multiple sources to come to their own conclusions.

America's leading newspapers and magazines on a local, regional, national and international level, that seek to incorporate "We the People" as part of the conversation offer viable content. Going beyond the surveys of reader opinion, incorporating reader comments, and empowering the availability of real choices in mainstream media channels is much in demand.

Mass Media Has Changed News Coverage - Harvard Study

Integral Media's owner Eric Sims commented: "Past Harvard University studies indicate that soft news outlets focus more on “human drama” than traditional news media. Mass media has changed the way media news covers major political and economic stories, like foreign policy crises. As a consequence, what the public learns about these events has changed and is influenced by the reporter's perspective. More media outlets cover major events than in the past, including the entertainment-oriented soft news media".

Latest Ofcom Figures for Media Consumption

Marketers generated considerable attention by continuing to promote advertisement messages that attracted a nationwide audience thanks to predictable media fascination with the lifestyles (and foibles) of America’s rich and famous celebrities, including star athletes. When it comes to media coverage of economic and political topics, one might recall the comment of famed newspaper publisher, Joseph Pulitzer who advised his reporters "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

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