The Role of Print Media in a Digital World

What is the first thing we reach for in the mornings? Our phones. We are constantly on them, day in and day out, checking email, making notes, keeping track of meetings. Our phones go everywhere with us and thus, the internet goes everywhere with us. But what about print? What happened to the morning where you would wake up, grab a coffee, and flip through the morning newspaper? Has print gone out of style? Or has print media taken on a different use in our increasingly digital lives?

As an advertiser, it can be exhausting being pommeled with the numerous media outlets available in how to reach consumers. Not only must you choose between traditional advertising mediums such as TV and print, but now social media has come into the mix. So where does print advertising come in? Studies have shown that print is more responsive, more targeted and more trusted than most other advertising mediums. We will delve more specifically into each of these with other articles. For now, let’s take a look at why print is better for your average reader.

With the advent of digital magazines and news sources, most of us are constantly absorbing information from one source or another. A study from 2008 posted in the Journal of Research in Reading, however, discovered that reading online may not be as effective as reading print. Why? When we read online, we have many distractions. I am sure many of you find yourself drifting to Facebook even in the midst of reading articles, scrolling, exiting out of pop-up ads, clicking links, videos, etc. Print does not come with all these distractions. Print allows readers to properly absorb more of the information they see—an excellent benefit for advertisers that want customers actually paying attention to their ads!

Why is print important? A great media plan involves multi-media channels including print (like magazine advertising) that are consistent with your brand. Not only that, but readers are more likely to see and read through your ad rather than wading through the many distractions they have on the internet.

In summary, although the role of print media has changed, it is still an important part of any serious marketing plan, and can be a great way to communicate with consumers.  To learn how to incorporate print into your marketing plan, download our guide to magazine media buying containing tips and answers to frequently asked questions.