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Trusted And Unbiased Media Content

Trusted And Unbiased Media Content: Pew Study shows that images are key for advertising in order to let consumers recognize the brand, to nurture a connection to the product or service and the organization offering them.

trusted unbiased media content builds brands Owning a top winning brand means having attained success by achieving brand equity, connection, and creates media buzz that give consumers a well-rounded understanding of where and how a brand fits.

Integral Media marketing consultants are real-world marketers who create standout campaigns with shrinking budgets, timelines, and resources—and managed to pull it off against all odds.

National Geographic

A winning combination of trusted, unbiased content consisting of the spirit of exploration, photography, and authority.

National Geographic is a worldwide leader comprised of award-winning integrated media, including magazines, television channels, web sites, interactive editions, apps, and books—all unified under a collective mission to document and care for the planet. This is accomplished through trusted, unbiased content that is delivered to millions of consumers around the globe. The Audit Bureau of Circulations says, "National Geographic Traveler combines the spirit of exploration, expert photography, and the authority of the National Geographic brand with a new world of insights for 21st-century travelers."

General Interest Winner in Harris Poll EquiTrend

For the second consecutive year, National Geographic Magazine is the General Interest Magazine Brand of the Year in the Harris Poll EquiTrend study.

National Geographic Magazine achieved the highest Quality score of any magazine brand measured in the 2012 study by a hefty margin, winning heads and tails over other competitors. "National Geographic has a long, rich legacy in print, and we are seeing that brand equity play out in broadcast media too," says Gress. In addition to magazines, Harris Poll EquiTrend measures television networks and channels. Here is how the top five rank:

National Geographic Magazine National Geographic Magazine

Reader's Digest Magazine Reader's Digest Magazine

AARP The Magazine AARP The Magazine

Wired Magazine Wired Magazine

The Atlantic Monthly Magazine The Atlantic Monthly Magazine

"The consistently excellent performance of the umbrella National Geographic brand across both magazine and broadcast categories is a testament to the critical role quality plays in the media and the value Americans place on it," adds Gress.

Content Should Target Specific Audiences With Trusted Unbiased Media Content

One factor fits the multiple ways to do this ~ your copy and graphics go hand-in-hand.

Integral Media finds that content is one area business owners often ask questions about. They wonder how to make a call to action compelling and not 'salesy'. Brands need to offer consumers something beneficial, relevant and timely. Media content should deliver on whatever is newsworthy, like the current Presidential election, Super Bowl, or Olympics, or as in the case if the National Geographic magazine, delivering on seasonal travel experiences. today's consumers are well informed with multiple media platforms and brands develop trust when they are tailored to meet specific audience requests for that moment and occasion. A brand's message should be find a balanced blend in both its copy and graphics.

Knowing What Media Content Consumers Are Looking For

One factor fits the multiple ways to do this ~ your copy and graphics go hand-in-hand.

"Media buyers need accurate knowledge of the experience users are looking for," says Eric Sims, senior marketing consultant and owner of Integral Media. "Marketers must create a brand experience that delivers on what American consumers unmet needs are, and how those unmet needs overlap with the business objectives of an organization. Those insights can lead to better integrated media buying decisions that drive advertising dollars. Trusted unbiased media content leads in promoting content across brands that have overlapping audiences."

Pew Internet Media Study

Photos are increasingly becoming a brands currency.

A recent Pew Internet Media Study shows that images are key for advertising in order to let consumers recognize the brand, to nurture a connection to the product or service and the organization offering them. One outstanding example of trusted unbiased media enriched through graphics is the National Geographic Magazine. Having just won the General Interest Magazine Brand of the Year award in the Harris Poll EquiTrend study, brand marketers are taking note of just why.

The Pew Internet And American Life Project summarized their recent study by saying that "photos and video images have become key social currencies online." If an image can speak a thousand words that create buzz, the spirit of the marketing message, brand recognition and inform the viewer of the organization behind it, the National Geographic Magazine is certainly one credible example from which companies can glean ideas on how to become a winner.

How Images Establish Trust And Brand Recognition

Applying storytelling principles to images to simplify advertising messages.

Integral Media builds on existing visual content and consults on new content; determining how to use those images to tell a brand’s story; applies tested storytelling principles to the use of still images; articulate the relationships among visual pieces to clarify your storyline; determine if your brand has “transmedia” storytelling possibilities, and manage media buying, including magazine advertisements.

Brands That Offer Awareness And Trusted Media Content

Businesses are seeking new ways of increasing the influence of their brand strategy in the marketplace. A strong brand offers awareness of a company and its offerings in such a way that establishes strong feelings and buzz. Audiences can immediately identify with the media's message and find it unbiased and trustworthy. In a nut shell, consumers own your brand today through the impact of multiple and immediate means of communications. If enough users post negative comments about it, you lose credibility. Likewise thrilled consumers boost sales. By listening to consumers as though they are brand owners, that authentic respect in itself becomes one of the greatest customer experiences you can provide.

The advertising world has advanced more in the last five years than in the previous fifty. Businesses now have more media consumption choices than ever before and this means it is harder than ever before to find them. Our integrated media platform creates synergies that surpass the sum of their parts. Integrated Media requires that a campaign effectively leverage the multiple media channels that property is distributed through in an intelligent, seamless fashion.

Since 1999, Integral Media has delivered efficient, smart media solutions to clients nationwide. Working with advertising agencies or directly with brand managers, company owners, or direct marketers, Integral Media helps clients gain a cohesive brand voice. Contact Eric Sims at 952-470-5254 for brand building help from Integral Media and integrated media buying services.

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