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FTC new marketers Green Guides Is outIntegral Media Offers Current News- The Federal Trade Commission issued their revised “Green Guides” this morning. The Marketers guidelines are designed to help ensure that made about the environmental attributes of green products are truthful and non-deceptive.

Integral Media helps readers and clients know of The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) new Green Guides released today to help prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. The updated Green Guide contains new sections that promote clear and transparent environmental claims for advertising messages. Integral Media offers marketing consulting services to businesses to help stream line their marketing efforts and ensures best practices and value per dollar spent on marketing.

Identifying Terms And What It Means To Be "Green"

The Green Guides is a road map for their green claims, need to know how the FTC sees green terms and what their established meaning is. It can help Marketers avoid tons of confusion and unintended consequences if advertising message are vague. As consumers shop and compare , many are seeking details about what makes the package or product green, and they deserve clear and transparent details. If a company has earned a special seal or certification stating the product is green, advertisers should be able to present substantiating material.

A Win For Consumers Who Want Green Products

“The introduction of environmentally friendly products into the marketplace is a win for consumers who want to purchase greener products and for producers who want to sell them,” FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz says in this morning's press release. “But this win-win can only occur if marketers’ claims are truthful and substantiated. The FTC’s changes to the Green Guides will level the playing field for honest business people and it is one reason why we had such broad support.”

New Sections Address Green Marketing Claims

The Guides contain new sections that never existed before that will help on the topics of:

certifications and seals of approval certifications and seals of approval

carbon offsets carbon offsets

Marketer knows free-of claims rules free-of claims

Marketer use of non-toxic claims rules non-toxic claims

products made with renewable energy claims brands with renewable energy claims

brands with renewable materials claims products made with renewable materials claims.

FTC May Enforce Deceptive Marketing Claims

While the new guidelines are not law, Integral Media sees them as definitely caring an impact in the marketing world, and important for compliance efforts. "The Green Guides are not agency rules or regulations. Instead, they describe the types of environmental claims the FTC may or may not find deceptive under Section 5 of the FTC Act. Under Section 5, the agency can take enforcement action against deceptive claims, which ultimately can lead to Commission orders prohibiting deceptive advertising and marketing and fines if those orders are later violated", states the FTC website.

Attentive To How Consumers Perceive Marketing Messages

No one wants to fall short of the requirements asked for by the FTC. Marketing consultants should carefully review the Guides and not make broad, unqualified claims that a product is 'environmentally friendly' or 'eco-friendly' simply to suggest that the product has specific and far-reaching environmental benefits. Even companies with the best of marketing intentions can still find it challenging to know just how the consumer will interpret its advertising messages. The new guides will help bring clarification and let Marketers know better what is expected of them.

To summarize, review the FTC Marketers Green Guidebook with its proposed revisions carefully; then be prepared to make the adjustments suggested when making claims as to a product's environmental impact and offer more detailed evidence of your . Make sure you can substantiate your claims with credible, reliable evidence around the environmental impact of your product.

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